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snorkeling-mask-01Scuba Diving Mask

The purpose of a scuba diving mask is not just to allow viewing of the underwater world.

A human’s eye can’t focus in the water do space between the eyes and glass allows the focusing.

However, the choosing a dive mask is not so simple just as it’s case with any other piece of scuba dive gear. The process of the choosing takes some time to find a mask for you.

Types of Scuba Diving Masks

Single Pane Mask

Maybe you can remember this type of masks from vintage movies but we assure you that modern single pane masks are not as those old masks. Silicon skirts of modern masks help better fitting and their low profiles provide a wider range of vision because they are close to the face. Important thing to note here is that this type of mask can’t be outfitted as a prescription scuba mask.

Double Pane Mask

This type of scuba mask is probably the most common. Because its profile is even lower than the single pane the vision it provides wider vision. Also, it’s easier to equalize at depth because of the low profile. This type of mask can be outfitted as a prescription if you wear glasses. There are some complaints that a mask sits between the eyes but after some time of wearing you will not notice it’s there.

Full Face Mask

This type of masks are used mostly by commercial divers but some models are made for recreational use. It can be equipped with underwater communication module so divers can communicate with each other or with a team on surface.

Considerations When Buying a Scuba Diving Mask


Take the mask and hold it to your face and breath in. It should stick with no air leaks.

Put the mask on all the way and if you plan to use a snorkel attach one and see if it still fits.

Put the mask on your face and check in the mirror if the inner skirt circle the face without crossing over your eyebrows or eye creases?

Pinch your nose. Is it easy to reach through the skirt and can you equalize?

Skirt Color

You ate free to choose between a opaque or clear silicon skirt. Underwater photographers and cameraman could use an opaque skirt because it helps to focus and avoid distractions. A clear skirt helps with peripheral vision because it let’s light enter from the sides.

Multiple Panes

In addition to common panels some types of diving masks have panes on the bottom and the side providing a wider range of vision. You should try this mask before buying because it can distract the light.

Purge Valve

Some masks have a built in purge valve making you to clear the mask easier if it floods out. Bit this can negative effect, it could fail at depth and cut your dive short.

Scuba or Snorkeling

Be sure not to use snorkeling mask for diving because you could end up in serious trouble when the mask’s depth limit is exceed. Before you choose a dive mask create a list of features you’re looking for. Some shops even allow renting a mask so you could try one before buying.

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