Best Dive Watches Guide

Choosing The Best Scuba Watches

Scuba dive watches represent part of dive gears where function meets fashion and vice-versa. Dive watches are worn by people who even cant’s swim. These watches simply look nice and cool.

What is that makes a dive watch a dive watch then?

Features Of Scuba Watches


Rotating bezel is the core feature of every dive watch.

When you start to dive line the bezel up with the minute hand. And at any point later you can see how much time you have before you need to make you ascent.

Of course digital watches don’t have bezels.

Depth rating

The greater is the number, the deeper the watch can go. But be aware that the depth tests are performed in ideal conditions.

Types of Dive Watches


These type of dive watches are for sure the nicest looking watches (by our opinion).

Analog watches feature rotating bezel and more “moving” parts than digital counterparts

Buying a high quality watch lessen the chance of something going wrong.

Dive watch models can be cheap, around $100, or very expensive, more than $20,000.


Digital scuba watches sometimes have more functions than just timing for a dive, and are more like a computer than simply a watch.

Digital watches are usually a bit more rugged and sportier.

Dive Computer

Differences between dive computers and digital dive watches are very tiny if it even exists. These devices have features like depth measuring, tracking breathing, oxygen concentration and even transferring saved data wirelessly.

Is a Scuba Diving Watch Necessary?

In case you don’t use a dive computer then a dive watch is must have.

No matter whether you have a dive computer or not, it’s good to have a dive watch as a back up.

Considerations When Buying Scuba Dive Watches

Unidirectional Bezel

The real scuba dive watch has unidirectional bezel, i.e. in one direction only and it’s counter-clockwise.

The reason is that if the bezel goes clockwise it will show more elapsed time and cause you to ascend earlier what is much better than later.

Depth Rating

The more the better. We recommend a water resistant for at least 200 meters or 660 feet.

This should ensure your watch can stand up to whatever pressures you subject it to.

Watch Straps

Although rubber straps are comfortable and strong they will get old and become brittle over time. And important thing, the rubber can be cut!

Titanium and stainless steel bracelets are a great choice and win’t rust.

Stainless steel is not so light and string as titanium, but it’s cheaper.

Bracelets of diving watches usually have a wetsuit extension. It’s a folding link will allow you to fit the band easily over your dive suit when folded out and comfortably on your bare arm for topside wear when folded in.


A dive watch’s display has to be easy to read in all conditions so they have luminescent hands and markers.

Also, numbers on the bezel should be etched and not just painted on.

Intended Purpose

Make sure your dive watch is actually built for diving and not just for looking good.

Scuba dive watches are a little more expensive than “common” watches but they don’t have to cost a fortune.

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