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snorkeling-fins-04About Scuba Fins

Fins helps you to easily move through the water providing you speed, mobility and efficiency.

How to choose the right scuba diving fin

When you go to buy fins for yourself you’ll find many different types, flex fins, split fins, force fins, closed heel, open heel, the list goes on and on.

But basically there two basic types of scuba fins and all other are just variations.

Types of Scuba Fins

Paddle Fins

This is the most common used type of scuba fin.

Many factors have effect on the price, i.e. does it have flex points or not etc.

A paddle fins are good choice and they provide great mobility and agility.

However, the downside is that they have the most resistance and require strong legs resulting in more air consumption.

Split Fins

This type of scuba fins has a blade split in half down the middle.

When the split blade is kicked it acts like a propeller pushing the diver forward.

Split fins doesn’t require great effort and strong legs, but some divers think that because of that this type of fits is not so effective.

Other Features of Scuba Fins

When manufacturers start to add additional specific features the price start to rise. These features are reasons for many debates among divers.

You alone need to decide whether you need them or not.

Things to consider before buying scuba fins


This is one of the most important thing to consider. The fins need to be comfortable and don’t bother you under water. Our advice is to wear dive boots when trying on fin to see how it feels.


There isn’t much to be said here, compare all features with money you have and choose the best. We’re here to help you to decide. Check out our comparison guide for best scuba fins and other reviews.

Open or Closed Heel

A closed heel fin is usually used for snorkeling, but if you aren’t doing hard dives you can use them.

However, an open heel together with a booties is better option for scuba diving.

Traveler or Drifter

A dive fin is designed to provide you ability to cover a lot of distance making the swimming with dive equipment easier.

Leg Strength

A stiffer and more robust fins can be used if a diver has stronger legs.

Comfort and price are maybe two most important considerations.

Try out different styles before you buy any and make a checklist what ypu’re looking for.

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