Best Scuba Dive Boots Guide

About Dive Boots

Scuba dive boots is maybe the easiest piece of scuba diving gear to buy. And we’re not going make it harder than it is.

Types of dive boots

Basically, there are only two types of wetsuit boots.

Ankle High Boots

Ankle high boots are easy to slip on and off. This type of scuba boots are usually made of thinner material and mostly used with a short style wetsuit for diving in warm weather together.

You have to be sure that the boots are high enough to protect your heel chaffing from your fins.

You should be aware that your feet can get colder faster if you have some exposed skin on ypir upper ankle during the swimming increasing water flow through the boots.

High Top Boots

These are a great all around choice, good for just about anything if you’re want only one set of scuba boots. Choose a thicker, five to seven millimeters neoprene high top boot and you can wear them anywhere.

They can come with or without zippers on the side making them easier to get on and off.

Considerations Before Buying Scuba Boots


Because dive boots don’t come in half sizes go a size up always if you take a half size shoe. If you choose a size down the pressure at the depth will make them uncomfortable.

You should try your fins on with the boots and be sure it fits. Otherwise pick another boots or fins.

From some reason scuba boots are usually quoted in men’s sizes so ladies should know this info and subtract a 1 or 2 from their shoe size. For example, a women’s size 8 would be a men’s 7 or even 6.


The thickness of dive boots impacts the temperature of your feet. The thicker the material the warmer your feet will be. Your feet will never be too warm, but cold toes will make you want to end your dive.


Most dive boots have soles covered in rubber treads. If you do a lot of shore diving, a thick tread will be more comfortable and durable when you are humping your gear through the woods, over the rocks and across the beaches.

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