Best Scuba Diving BCD Guide

About The Scuba BCD

A scuba dive BCD makes you float.

Choosing the right BCD for your diving needs diving ability make learning how to use it a lot easier.

Types of Scuba Diving BCD

There three basic types of Scuba Buoyancy Compensators or BCDs:

– Vest or Jacket

– Wing

– Horse Collar

It seems that only two of these types are used in scuba diving today.

BCD Features

A BCDs can have a lot of features but also very few.

As always, the more features it has, the more expensive it is.

Maintenance And Care

We suggest you to take care of your equipment because scuba BCDs are expensive. Good care will give your gears a long life and save you a lot of money.

Putting It All Together

As for any part of scuba gear you need to think a lot before buying.

A scuba BCDs should fit like a snug jacket on the surface. This means not too tight under arms or across the torso. Of course, girls and women need to choose models designed fir them.

Make a checklist of your needs, consider models we mentioned in our list and choose the right model for you.

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