Best Scuba Diving Tanks Guide

About Scuba Diving Tanks

Like all scuba gear, choosing a scuba diving tank takes more thought and planning than just walking into a dive shop and grabbing the first one you see.

They are heavy and awkward but without scuba tanks you can never dive gracefully through the water experiencing a world that almost defies explanation.

There are a few different types of scuba tanks and not all of them can be used for all types of diving.

Types of Scuba Diving Tanks


Aluminum scuba diving tanks are the most common tanks and used everywhere worldwide.

The most common size is the aluminum 80, but they can be greater and smaller depending on their purpose.

These tanks are relatively light and inexpensive which make them a good choice for most recreational scuba divers.

However, when they get emptier they also get more positively buoyant so divers usually wear an extra few pounds of weight to compensate for this. Some aluminum models are designed specifically to eliminate this issue but this makes them more expensive.


Steel dive tanks are heavier and more expensive than aluminum tanks.

Also they are a lot tougher and with proper care steel scuba tanks can last for decades.

Steel is stronger and can take higher pressure so they can be smaller compared to an aluminum one of similar capacity.

But steel tanks are not for everyone; they are heavy and diver need to be physically able to handle the weight.

Additional obstacle could be a DIN valve if you want to use higher pressures because it may make it hard to get refills depending on where you’re diving.

Considerations When Buying Scuba Diving Tanks

Here are a few things to consider before buying.

– Weight of the scuba tank. Check if it’s too heavy for you to handle comfortably.

– Size of the dive tank. Make sure it’s not too long bumping your head and butt at the same time.

– Does it have a DIN valve or more common A-clamp/Yoke valve?

– If it’s steel is it a low pressure (LP) steel tank or a high pressure (HP) one

– If you’re buying a used tank when was it last visually inspected or hydro tested?

Use this check list as a guide when reviewing scuba diving tanks and you should be able to find the right tank to satisfy your needs and to last you for years of diving.

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