Best Scuba Diving Wetsuit Guide

About Scuba Wetsuits

The primary function of scuba wetsuit is to keep a diver warm. It keeps us warm by trapping a layer of water against our bodies which heats the water acting as an insulator.

Hence the name “wetsuit” although it’s not the most original.

So how do you choose the right wetsuit for your scuba diving needs?

Different kinds of waters need different types of wet suits. It’s not the same if you dive in tropical and cold waters.

This guide shows you how to review scuba wetsuits and select the right one for your diving needs.

Types of Scuba Diving Wetsuits

There ate many different styles and configurations of diving wetsuits.

– Rash guards

– Shortys

– Steamers

– And many more…

Each of these types is appropriate for different types of diving.

Thicknesses of Scuba Diving Wetsuits

No matter where you’re diving, your wetsuits keeps you protected and warm.

The neoprene is the material used in wetsuit production and its thickness is what makes a wetsuit suitable for waters with different temperatures.

Fitting Scuba Diving Wetsuits

Finding a wetsuit that fits is not easy at all, especially for women.

If a wetsuit is too loose it will let water flow too freely so you’ll get cold faster which can lead to hypothermia.

If it’s too tight it will restrict your movement and even make breathing harder.

Maintenance and Care

If you take care of your wetsuit it will have a long life saving you both money and time and you’ll have a piece of gear that you’ll enjoy and be able to dive with for years.

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