Best Scuba Gear Bags Guide

About Scuba Gear Bags

Scuba dive gear bag can be any bag for carrying scuba gear in. A scuba diving bag makes it easier to keep your diving supplies together and carry them around.

Types of Gear Bags

Duffel Bag

This is the simplest type of gear bag. It is usually just a large bag made of waterproof material or mesh with straps for carrying.

An old army duffel bag can be used to carry your dive gear and it will work without any problem.

As with other piece of equipment the more features the scuba gear bag has (e.g. wheels and pockets) the more expensive it is.


This type of bags is usually a little more expensive but it has more features.

The backpack scuba bag has shoulder straps for comfortably carrying gear without slung over the shoulder like the duffel bag.

Hard Case

Hard case scuba dive bags are the most expensive to buy and they are more like a suitcase than a simple bag.

They are great for traveling because they protect dive gear, especially expensive video and photo equipment.

They are also a little cumbersome for carrying around so our advice is to use them for traveling and lighter weight bags when diving.

Specialty bags

Specialty bags are designed for carrying scuba dive supplies separately.

For example, there are bags for fins, masks, regulators and for any other piece of equipment a diver has. Also, different types of materials are used for their productions, mesh, nylon, hard case and many other you can think of.

A scuba gear bag is nit necessary part of dive equipment so you can buy it or not, it’s your choice.

A separate padded regulator bag is a great idea if you travel a lot, so you can take your dive regulator as carry on instead of letting the airport baggage handlers smash it around.

Things to Consider Before Buying Scuba Gear Bags

Material. The waterproof material is always the best choice.

Zippers. A gear bag has to contain a large corrosion proof zippers.

Drainage. Another good feature your bag should have. Your diving gear will get wet and the water needs somewhere to go.

– Wheels. They are very useful if you travel a lot. These wheels aren’t made for off road, so watch where you use them or you’ll have broken wheels.

Mesh. If you have a mash gear bag you don’t need to worry about drain holes.

Pockets. The more pockets a bag has the more freedom for organization you have. Each pocket can be assigned for different supplies or equipment.

A diving gear bag is more than any other part of equipment a matter of preference. So if you want one for your scuba gear buy it following your preferences or just use an old army bag.

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