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snorkeling-snorkel-03Scuba Diving Snorkels

In essence a scuba diving snorkel is just a straw. But it’s important part of scuba gear.

Many divers still arguing about its advantages and disadvantages but look at it this way, would you rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it?

Now when you know that a snorkel is just a straw you’re thinking it’s easy to choose one?

Well… it’s true and false.

Just as any scuba dive gear, snorkels come in many different forms and styles with different features.

Snorkel Types

Rigid Barrel

Rigid barrel snorkels have tube made of hard plastic and they are the most basic types. And the cheapest, too.

The downside of this type is it more difficult to keep in the mouth and breath. The position of the mouthpiece can twist the mask strap and long surface swimming would be uncomfortable.

So basically, if it fits, it fits. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

Flexible Barrel

This type of barrels has a flexible part that allows greater range of motion and an easier fit.

This usually means they have higher price.

Other Features

Rotating Mouthpiece

Rotating mouthpiece makes it easier to fit and more comfortable to use.

Purge Valve

The purge valve is a part of a snorkel making blowing easier.

Semi Dry

These snorkels still get water in them but their design makes it harder for water to enter while doing surface swim.


Dry snorkels are most complicated and most expensive because they are designed to close when you five do that when you go to the surface and want to use it you won’t have to purge.


Some snorkels are foldable so you should think about whether you need this feature or not before buying.

Things To Consider When Buying Snorkeling Gear

Comfort and Fit

Try a snorkel together with mask when you buy it. Make sure they fit well on ypur face.

Attach it to your mask and check the following:

– Does the mouthpiece reach comfortably or do you have to force it into place?

– Is it comfortable against the side of your head where it attaches to the mask?

– Is it in the way?


Check whether the keeper fit your style mask strap and is it easy to attach and detach.

Length and Diameter

The length of the barrel needs to be appropriate. If it’s too short it will allow water to enter and if it’s too long it will be difficult to breath.

The same is with its diameter, if it’s thinner it will be difficult to breath and if it’s thicker it will add to bulk and drag.

Most snorkels are designed well and in most cases whatever you pick up will be the right diameter and length.

Be aware that the bulkier any piece of dive equipment is the more drag it will cause and the harder it will be to swim.

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