How to Keep Your Snorkel Mask From Fogging

If your snorkeling mask is foggy it can be very annoying. You can do a few things to avoid the fogging of your snorkeling mask. Keeping snorkel mask from fogging – Wash you mask ...

How to Use a Snorkel

If you use your snorkel properly it will give you a clear vision of what is going on under the sea without having to breathe water. Snorkel usage instructions The Basics – At ...

How to Compare Snorkel Sets

It is difficult to find the best snorkeling set for beginners. Snorkeling sets come with basic items: a mask, snorkel and fins. There are many features that you can choose, such as ...

How to Clean Snorkels

After just one use, salt water, sand and dirt can get inside a snorkel. This is not good because it create a foul odor inside your snorkel. If the snorkel isn’t cleaned after ...

How to Clean Snorkel Gear

The mask and snorkel let the swimmer be under the water and breathe, but can accumulate fine grit after a few uses. The best solution to keep your snorkel gear clean and fresh is water. ...
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