How Does a Snorkel Work

The Snorkeling Set

The snorkeling set includes two parts: the mask and the snorkel tube. Mask go around the person’s face and the tube have a mouthpiece which goes to person’s mouth so he/she can breathe under the water.

How It Works

When the snorkeler is with his face under the water, the mouthpiece is in his mouth and this ensure that he can breathe when his head is under the water. The tube is up above the surface so the air can pass through the tube and this allows breathing.

When Water Seeps In

In some cases water can get inside of the tube and can reach snorkeler’s mouth. When this happen, snorkeler must blow hard and this will throw out the water from the tube. If snorkeler has not enough experience to blow out the water, he will go above the water, remove the mouthpiece and the tube and remove the water from the tube.

This problem can be solved if snorkeler have dry snorkel which have a valve on the end of the tube which is above the water. This item (valve) stops water from getting inside of the tube.

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