How to Adjust a Snorkeling Mask

snorkeling-mask-05If you want to be underwater without getting water in your eyes, you need a snorkeling mask. Snorkeling mask is the key equipment for scuba divers, snorkelers and other people who want to see underwater.

There are variety of masks which fit novice and expert snorkelers, and all of these masks require some amount of adjustment before use.

Snorkeling mask adjustment instructions

– Be sure that the mask fits you properly. Put the mask against your face but don’t strap it over your head. Inhale. If the mask fits your face, the suction created by slow inhaling air will hold it in place.

– Loosen the strap over your head when you hold the mask to your face. Pull the tad end of the strap toward you. If the strap has tag ends on each side of the mask, you should check is ti tight enough.

– Tighten the strap enough so the mask doesn’t side off your face.

– Go into the water with the mask over your face. Inhale slowly when you place your head underwater. If the mask is tight to your face, and there is no water leaking in, you have properly adjusted mask. If water leaks in, get out of the water, and pull the straps to tighten the mask.

– Some kind of snorkeling masks have purge valves. It allows you to remove water from the mask. To purge the water from the mask, press it against your fave, look toward the bottom of the area in which you are snorkeling and exhale through your nose.

Tips and warnings

You should always wet the strap before pulling it on and this will reduce the likelihood of it tearing.

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