How to Buy a Dive Mask

snorkeling-mask-01If you want to go snorkeling or scuba diving, all you need to know is to swim. If you can swim and if you have right equipment such as dive mask, you can watch the world under the water.

Buying a dive mask instructions

– At first you should know what mask you want to buy? There are two basic types of masks and these are oval and google styled mask. Whichever you choose it will be good.

– When you choose your mask, you must try it to find out whether it fits your face. Mask must be comfortable to ensure inhaling.

– Put a mask against you face and then remove your hands to allow mask to stay on your face only by the inhalation. If the mask stay in place it is good. If the mask falls that means that this is not good mask for your face. Try another one.

– You need to put the straps around your head because under the water, there are pressure which will work against your mask. The dive mask should be securely attached to prevent leakage.

– Corrective lenses can be added to your mask for better viewing. Some masks come with glasses inside and you can use it.

Tips and warnings

When you decide what mask you will buy you should ask the seller for something which will prevent fogging.

If you go diving with a mask it can be problem because of water pressure which will work against your mask and it can cause bleeding and pain.

When you are not wearing mask, put it in a safe place. Sunlight can damage rubber.

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