How to Choose Snorkeling Gear

Snorkeling is the best hobby for those persons who love to swim and to watch the world under the water. Snorkelers usually carefully and patiently choose their snorkeling gear. If you have good equipment you will have less possibilities to get injured or to have any problems during the snorkeling. People who want to go snorkeling also choose good and clear water because this will allow them to watch the world under the water with no problems.

Things you’ll need




Wetsuit (optional)


Choosing snorkeling gear

– A snorkeling mask

Choose the mask that fits best with your face. You should choose a mask that includes goggles and piece for nose. To determine whether the mask is good for your face or not, you should hold a mask near your eyes and do not exhale. If you feel something like little suction, this means that mask is ideal for your face.

– A snorkel

When you choose a snorkel be sure that you didn’t choose too short snorkel. Because if the snorkel is too short, you will not be able to swim deeper. Be sure that you feel comfortable with snorkel in your mouth.

– Fins

Choose good fins that are good for your feet size. If you choose too small fins you will feel uncomfortable and you even can get injured. While if you choose too big fins you will have problems because that fins can drop off in the water.

– A wetsuit

Wetsuit is necessary if the water is too cold or when you snorkeling in water and there are direct sun, you need wetsuit to protect your skin from the sunburn. Experienced snorkelers always wear wetsuit because they usually had at least once problems with cold water or sunburn.

– A camera

Some snorkelers always carry camera with them to shot world under the water. Those cameras can be tightened around the wrist and you will have secure way to shot scenes that you see.

Tips and warnings

Snorkeling gear comes in different colors so you can choose what is the best for you. There are even masks for children so you can go to snorkeling with your whole family.

Be careful when you walk when you are wearing fins.

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