How to Clean Snorkel Gear

snorkeling-gear-04The mask and snorkel let the swimmer be under the water and breathe, but can accumulate fine grit after a few uses. The best solution to keep your snorkel gear clean and fresh is water. You should not use abrasive cleaners because they can damage the snorkel. Water is OK.

Things you’ll need

Loose or open-weave mesh bag

Mild dish soap

Snorkel gear cleaning instructions

– Put your snorkel and mask into a loosely woven mesh bag so water can move through it easily.

– Immerse the bag in fresh water. The bag is now containing snorkel and mask.

– Every 15 to 30 seconds you must swish the bag because it will help clear out and sand and other residue inside your snorkel and mask.

– Remove the bag from the water, remove the snorkel and mask and put them into a tub of cool soapy water. After that, remove the mask and snorkel and rinse them clean in running fresh water. When you finish this, hang them out of direct sunlight to drip dry.

Tips and warnings

Every time when you return home from snorkeling trip, soak your snorkel gear in fresh water. It will remove any residue.

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