How to Clean Snorkels

snorkeling-snorkel-06After just one use, salt water, sand and dirt can get inside a snorkel. This is not good because it create a foul odor inside your snorkel. If the snorkel isn’t cleaned after using it, inside the snorkel can appear mold. Breathing through a dirty snorkel can be very difficult. To avoid these problems, clean your snorkel after any use.

Things you’ll need



Liquid dish soap

Long, soft-bristled brush

Snorkels cleaning instructions

  • Blow hard through the snorkel to expel any remaining water and debris from the snorkel.

  • Fill the sink with warm water. Put roughly two tablespoons of dish soap into the water.

  • Soak the snorkel into it and let it be there for about 1 hour.

  • Scrub gently inside and outside of the snorkel with soft-bristled brush. While you scrubbing, keep the snorkel under the water.

  • Rinse the snorkel with fresh water and after that, let it completely air dry.

  • Put you cleaned snorkel inside a cool and dry airtight container to store it.

Tips and warnings

Do not leave your snorkel on direct sunlight, because it can cause discoloration.

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