How to Compare Snorkeling Equipment

snorkeling-gear-03People do snorkeling because they want to see the world under the water. They want to have fun exploring the reefs and that can last a few hours. This is the reason they must choose a snorkeling mask that fits them well and which they feel comfortable with. There are no need for great knowledge to choose which equipment is best.


Finding a mask that fits well. The most important thing when someone choose the mask is to choose one that fits their face and that mask will not leak. When someone choosing a mask, he should try many of them to see which is the best for him. Is it comfortable? Does that mask gives security from falling off? Whether there are any problems with removing the mask? Some of the mask allow peripheral vision while other have only downward vision. Before choosing any mask, every person should try it.

Choosing a snorkel. There are several types of snorkel and we will introduce you with every of them. Dry snorkel has a float on top which close the tube and stop water from coming in if the wave crashes over you.  Semi-dry snorkel is one with a deflector on the top of the tube and this deflector helps in deflecting water from getting in the tube. Standard snorkels have opened tube. Another snorkels have a purge valve near the mouthpiece which helping snorkelers to blast water out of the tube.

Selecting the fins for you. There are two types of fins: those for open heel and those for full foot. Fins must be comfortable: not too tight and not too lose because they can fall in the water. Almost every fins can be adjusted, especially those for full foot.

Choosing an additional snorkeling accessories. When someone has mask, snorkeling tube and fins and everything is good for him, he could add some other accessories that he could need. Someone can choose dive booties. They have sizes like shoes so it is not hard to find those that fit your feet. Everyone can also choose a wetsuit. It is good for protection from the Sun and also it is good if water is too cold.

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