How to Install a Snorkel

snorkeling-snorkel-05Snorkeling gives you an opportunity to see the world under the water. If you go snorkeling you will have a chance to see different sea animals. Equipment that is required for this is a snorkeling mask and a snorkeling tube which have mouthpiece which allows you to breathe through the tube. Snorkeling tube is above the water surface while your head is covered with the water.

Snorkel installation

– If you have long hair, you should pull it back and tie your hair. You can make ponytail.

– Put the mask against your face and place the straps around your head. The mask must fit your face and it must be comfortable. You can adjust straining of the straps to make your mask be completely comfortable and ready to use.

– Place a snorkel tube into the mask and adjust the mouthpiece. Mouthpiece should be in the center so you can use it without any problems.

Tips and warnings

Your snorkel equipment must be properly installed to prevent leakage. You can test your snorkel in some shallow water to see will ti leak.

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