Snorkeling in California

snorkeling-07Coasts in California are great location for snorkeling. We will choose for you some locations and you can decide what is the best place for you if you want to go snorkeling.


The most famous snorkeling location is Channel Islands National Marine Park. This islands are located in southern coasts of California and many of them are non inhabited. The nearest city is Avalon on Island of Santa Catalina and this is the best visited place for snorkelers. The place where snorkelers usually go is Santa Barbara Island which is interesting for snorkeling, too.


Every locations gives you unique impressions because every of them is different and beautiful on its own way. Snorkelers usually like to visit eastern Santa Cruz because there is Anacapa that is perfect place for snorkeling. On every island there are plenty of plants and unique wildlife. There don’t go only snorkelers but people who want to explore the nature.


Some of these locations such as Anacapa have reefs with rocks and forest around them. Many sea animals are natural inhabitants there. The most famous are sea lions of Santa Barbara, crabs, starfish and lobsters in La Jolla Cove, garibaldis, sea urchins in Lover’s Cove. In California reefs you can also found calico bass, senorita fish, seals, dolphins and leopard sharks.


Water is very clear there and snorkelers don’t have problems to watch world under the water. Near the snorkeling areas are dive shops and restaurants so people can rest, and those who were not there for snorkeling, in dive shops, they can buy equipment and try snorkeling for the first time.

Time Frame

If you want to have greatest experience in snorkeling, it is important to go there when the weather is best. The best time to go there is from May to middle of July because then the temperatures are the best. Normal temperature then are from the low 70s to high 50s. If you go there in time between November and April you may experience problems because of the rain. Water is the clearest for three months: August, September and October. The worst water for snorkeling is in March, April and at the beginning of the May.

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