Snorkeling in Florida

snorkeling-06Florida is very good place for snorkeling because there is fresh water and places with salt water, too. If you want to try snorkeling there, only thing you should know is to swim. And of course, you must purchase equipment for snorkeling.


Florida is great place for snorkeling because it have fresh and clear water. There are many interesting springs and caves which are interesting destination for exploring wild life under the water.

The most famous places there are Gulf of Mexico and Florida Keys where you can find even archaeological places that are opened for snorkeling and watching the ancient coral reefs.


Normal temperatures in Florida are about 70 degrees and water can be coolest during the autumn and winter. In Gulf of Mexico you can find the coolest water but water springs are good in all seasons.


Many people do not experience snorkeling because they think that is not affordable hobby. Snorkel equipment is not expensive and you can purchase snorkeling set for only 50 dollars. Professional equipment is much more expensive but if you are beginner you will not need great amount of money to purchase you equipment required for snorkeling.


There are many benefits of snorkeling in Florida. Florida is very visited place for habitues all around the world. Snorkeling in such a place can be good for stress releasing and also good exercise because of swimming.


When you go snorkeling in the ocean you must be aware of unpredictable water mammals and other fishes especially sharks. If you want to go in caves you should find guides and professional supervision to avoid any unpleasantness.

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