Snorkeling in the Florida Keys

snorkeling-04The Florida Keys are famous places for snorkeling and scuba diving. There are many marine animals that are rare in other locations and many people go there to watch the world under the water.


In Florida Keys there are many islands that are attractive location for many visitors. These islands have a waterways around them and there people can go watching the underwater life. Interesting thing is that this location is a metropolitan area but the water is still very clear.


There are many benefits of snorkeling in this location. Besides clear water and rare marine animals, good accessibility to this location is also very important. Near snorkeling locations there are International Miami Airport so visitor can easily arrive to their place for snorkeling.


These are large location. Whichever you choose, from Key Largo to Key West, you will see the large place for your favorite hobby. As we said, water is clear all around the islands and the water island chain is 110-mile long.


If you go swimming and snorkeling in these areas you will see coral reefs, tropical fish and other marine life that you can not see in some other locations in the world. This is why  snorkeling in the Florida Keys is so popular.


It doesn’t matter whether you go snorkeling alone or in some group. In many places of Florida Keys you will find dive shops where you can purchase equipment for snorkeling. If you have brought your equipment with you, you can go on any island you wish and you will find the ideal place for snorkeling, for sure.

Time Frame

What is the best time for snorkeling in the Florida Keys? That is the question that is on your mind. For sure, the best time is in the warmer months because the water then is the best. During the winter, the water can be pretty cool and you will  not be so happy if you go snorkeling in that time. But this problem can be solved if you have wetsuit.


With every pleasure there are potential danger. This rule is valid also when we talk about snorkeling. In Florida Keys there are sharks and jellyfish. You must find safe area and you should never go snorkeling alone.

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