The History of the Snorkel

snorkeling-snorkel-02J-shaped snorkels are the latest in a long line of devices. They allow to breath surface air while staying submerged for longer periods of time. This concept, upon which this snorkel is based has been used for centuries.

Ancient Snorkeling

In ancient time people were using ancient snorkel to help them breathe when they swim underwater. This was known in 3000 B.C.

Mentioned by Aristotle

Even Aristotle described it as akin to an elephant’s trunk that allow divers to breathe under the water.

Alternatives to Snorkels

Around 900 B.C. Assyrians used bags of animal skin filled with air while they were diving. Alexander the Great oversaw the development of diving bell which capture bubbles of air to which divers could return.

Da Vinci’s Snorkel

Leonardo Da Vinci is known as inventor of the first modern snorkel. This was a hollow breathing tube attached to a leather diver’s helmet.

Modern Advancements

Plastic is usually used to improve snorkel’s usefulness and also in improvements to masks and goggles.

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