What Are Snorkels

snorkeling-snorkel-01A snorkel allows you to see the world under the water. It is not expensive and is easy to learn, and snorkeling is something that all swimmers and divers should try.


Snorkel is used for snorkeling or swimming under the water to view the species and structures that exist under the water. Snorkel is a flexible tube that is constructed of stiff rubber or plastic. The parts of the snorkel are: tip, mouthpiece and tube.


Snorkeling gear also includes mask and fins. Mask is a part of snorkeling gear that is necessary for providing clear vision under the water. Ideal mask is clear, well-fitted and provides an unobstructed view.

Snorkeling fins give propulsion, speed and better maneuverability to divers. There are two basic types of fins and those are: open-heel and full-foot fins.


When you choose your snorkel the most important thing is to fit. Well-fitted snorkel is comfortable and allows you to breath regularly. Choose one that completely is comfortable for you. Go to local snorkeling shop and try on various models for fit before you buy one.


If water splash waves it can cause snorkel to fill with water. Some snorkel features can prevent this and can drain equipment. Drain valves are good and they provide an extra outlet that enables to divers to expel water from the tube while they are still continuing to breathe.

Another feature is diagonal plate which prevent water from coming in. Diagonal plate allows air to enter and exit while letting water to flow out through the sides of the tube.

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