What Is a Semi-Dry Snorkel

snorkeling-snorkel-09When you decide to go snorkeling you will need a mask and snorkel. Snorkel is flexible plastic or rubber curved tube that allows you to breathe. There are many types of snorkels.

Semi-Dry Snorkel

This type of snorkel usually has a deflector unit which guards against water entering the snorkel from the top. Semi-dry snorkel has ability to fill with water when they go below the waterline. The deflector unit serves as a splash guard which protects the snorkel from completely filling the device with water.


There are snorkels with different lengths, diameter and the personal preferences of the diver. If you are big man your snorkel must be big to permit more air to travel through the device. Snorkels are usually from 12 to 18 inches in length. You must be sure that the mouthpiece fits you comfortably.

Clear your Snorkel

You should practice clearing your snorkel of water. If you have standard of purge snorkel that is filled with water, and you need to exhale strongly through you mouth then the water usually travels up and out the top end. There are drainage system built into the snorkel that allows water to flow out through on-way valve.

Care for Equipment

You must care for you snorkeling equipment and you should frequently dip it in fresh water. Whenever you use your equipment, you must rinse it. Crystals from salt can condense on your snorkeling equipment if you do not rinse or soak it on a regular basis.  The salt can scratch and weaken the straps.

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